The Freedom Of Information Act
and the Least You Should Know About IT

You have the rights to know what is going on in your neighborhood. You can write a letter to a Federal Government Office and Request Information. For Example you can write a request to the Fish and Game and Request the files of all people on streambeds. This will enable you to see what the government is paying and reimbursing a landowner for and how it may or may not affect you.

For example most Fisheries Projects are simply to SPEND MONEY. Some Northwest Montana Projects are hurting and killing off the Kokanee population to save the Bull Trout Population. I have never eaten a bull trout but I have
heard from old timers that they don’t taste to good. This is just one example. Use your imagination and put the Freedom of Information Act to Work for you Today.

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Open Records Law
Montana Code 2-6-101 et seq. Exempt: The Supreme Court has held that the state’s record laws may be overridden if the constitutional public right to know outweighs the individual privacy interest.
Recent legislation removed several exemptions to the law, thus opening records, including death certificates.

Open Meetings Law
Montana Code 2-3-201 et seq. Closed: Matters involving individual privacy and litigation between government entities and private parties.

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