Income Management for Your Life

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Money Management is very Important. The better you manage your money, the better you feel. Money causes so much stress in ones life if you let it. Take care of you, your money, your health, and those you can help.

Tax Information For You
It is important that you understand Tax Law and basic Tax Information that applies to you. Even if you have an accountant or a CPA it is wise that you know the Basics. This will enable you to know what to ask your accountant, to better prepare for your taxes, and to keep your tax consequences minimul year round.

It is vitally important to properly structure and regularly review your estate plan to be sure it addresses your family’s needs.

Create (and update) your Will.
As the essential component of your estate plan, your Will is a primary document for transferring your wealth upon your death. Time spent now deciding how you wish your legacy to be passed on to your heirs will avoid problems for you heirs later.

Review your estate plan.
Lifestyle changes trigger a need to review your estate plan. Changes in marital status, having or adopting children, changing jobs, and moving are good times to consider a reassessment.

Choose your executor.
Settling an estate is a complex process that often spans many months. Choosing an executor or personal representative who is knowledgeable and will be available to settle your estate is important to your peace of mind as well as the security of your loved ones.