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Ten Lakes Realty is very familiar with Northwest Montana We would be glad to show you around and help you find a place to call Home.

Ten Lakes Realty is experienced in listing and sales of Ranch, Businesses, Residential Homes, Commercial Properties, Horse Properties, Farms, Rural Properties,and Coastal Properties.

Ten Lakes Realty is Familiar with Home Equity Loans, Home Mortgages, Interest Rates, Home Owner insurance, Estate Planning, Trusts, IRA´S, 1031 exchanges, debt management, home inspections, refinancing your home, VA loans, Accountant concerns, asbestos and mold issues, radon and lead information, Wills , construction methods and of course Buying a Home.
Ten Lakes Realty has an extensive Internet presence. We have several websites to better serve your individual needs. It is important in this global market to have your Northwest Montana Property listed on the Internet with a strong presence.


    There are so many Real Estate Companies on the Internet. Don’t assume that if your property is listed with a local Real Estate that people outside of your area are seeing your listing.

    A Real Estate Company should never charge you to be on their website. Your listing brings viewers to their site. And sorry to say but not all of these visitors want to buy your property. However, some of those looking end up  being clients for the office where your property is listed.

    Ten Lakes Realty does not charge clients to be listed on our Websites. We have learned that buyers searching on the Internet are looking for a home that fits there individual needs and the needs of their family without a specific Town or State necessarily in mind.

    In this Global Real Estate Market you are competing with more properties than ever before. It is important to let the buyer know what to expect. And to educate the buyer on the lifestyle they are buying into. The property particulars are not all that matters to a buyer these days.

    And now more than ever Honesty is especially important. If you can be as honest and informative as you can from the beginning it will save a whole lot of time, stress, and money for everyone involved.

    Buyers seeking Properties in Northwest Montana have been searching on the Internet increasingly for years. However, now there is an even stronger increase in Real Estate Traffic to multiple Real Estate Websites. Times are changing. People can work from home more and more. There are many families moving around now. And with Gas Prices as high as it is, Internet Shopping is becoming more and more popular and Real Estate is not an exception. Most all buyers we meet have researched ahead of time for Northwest Montana Property.

  • We build websites to cater to particular properties

    This makes buyers more familiar with the market, the area, the jobs and particulars of individual properties way before they get here.

    We build websites to cater to particular properties.

    With these sites we make great effort to educate buyers on the area of your property. We include information on area businesses, recreation, medical facilities, and surrounding area information.

    We want our buyers to know as much as they can ahead of time. We input lots of photos with different aspects of your property to make sure a buyer can get a very good idea about your property and if it will fit their needs before they spend their valuable time and Money. It is also very hard on Sellers for buyers to come to a property and be disappointed. We understand that TIME is also very valuable to our Sellers.

    Buyers today are very educated. They are knowledgable in the Local Market and the Global Internet Market. It is increasingly important to provide an educational website for the Buyer to enjoy. If the Websites are not informational and does not offer a unique view of your property and the surrounding area, the buyer will move on to another site.

    Real Estate Buyers are searching for homes on the Internet. It is easier to research a property and an area over time from the privacy of their own home. The “new” buyer does not like to be bombarded with Real Estate Agents.

    Ten Lakes Realty takes Pride in our honesty, integrity, knowledge, and comittment. We hope to help you find your Northwest Montana Dream Property.

  • Information On A 1031 Exchange

    Ten Lakes Realty belongs to several multiple listing services. You will notice we do not keep a listing on our Websites of Northwest Montana Properties that we have sold. When I look for real estate I find it frustrating to see listings that have already sold. We try and remove our listings as soon as they are sold.Whether your heart belongs in the Mountains, on the rivers, on the plains, or on the ocean; Ten Lakes Realtycan help you COME HOME.
    Information On A 1031 Exchange
    We don’t all have a Masters Degree in Business. And therefore we need to research all the aspects of our transaction. The Internet is one good place to start. There is so much information on the Internet and not all of it makes sense. This website is designed to help you to pick the right Brokerage for your needs, to help you shop for Home Mortgages and Home Equity Loans, to show you ways of financial planning, understanding a 1031exchange, building a retirement plan and give you an on line education on various Real Estate and Financial topics to assist you in making better decisions for you and your family.

    In these pages you will find definitions for various terms in the financial and real estate world. Such as Settlement Statements, Title Insurance, structured settlements and how they apply to Real Estate investing, buying real estate with your IRA, VA loans, debt management, reverse mortgage, estate planning, annuities, trusts, inheritance tax, trust tax, accounting, life insurance and home owners insurance.

    With more knowledge you can better navigate through the financial world for you and your family. You will be able to make more educated decisions when picking lenders, brokers, bankers, and insurance brokers.

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